souper bowl sunday

christine is a dear friend of mine.  there are many words or phrases that i could 
use to describe her.  


but the one that has been describing her most as of COLD. 
(she has a severe aversion to january and february.  understandably so.)

so she had the idea to get a bunch of gals together and have a soup party (which i immediately dubbed the souper bowl).  we gathered with soups, wine, bread, cheese and babies.  it was byob (seven little ones under the age of two keeping us on our toes).  

i can't remember all of the soups but off the top of my head we had the following 

sweet potato coconut curry (i ate SO much of this one) 
venison stew
veggie soup with chorizo and a delightful pesto garnish
a white bean mexican soup
pumpkin curry

then there was bread.  lots of bread.  
and cheese
and wine

we had these little ones all together for a few minutes before crying, food time, bed time commenced.  eden likes to attack other children  make friends so she had a great time.

christine had a lovely set up complete with brown paper place mats. 

 we used mini ball jars to taste every soup and then got a big bowl of the one we liked best

this amazing lady came with both her 12 week old twins!  

eden loves her auntie m

hey ladies.  same time same place next year?  you're on.


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