sweet moments to sustain me

this was my first week back at work after the holidays and let me tell you, i was not in favor.  january gets me in this mood that lingers through february and the onslaught of the polar vortex (which sounds like an action movie to me...so dramatic) did not help...at all...

so robert, petitey and i soaked up all the lazy laze time we could in the days leading up to monday.  these are a few gems from friday morning breakfast that robert made for us with all the random food we had in the fridge (i had not been shopping since we came back from holiday).  and then a few from a saturday morning play date with martha and her littles.

ok i love this photo

just fyi yes we had the bumbo on the table, but no we never left the table with her on it so...breathe people

bunny ears robert.  nice
play date with simone and evelyn.  
simone always references eden and exclaims 'eden so brown'

it does my soul a whole lotta good to have these ladies back in town

eden usually hates tummy time but she did not seem to mind it with a playmate :)