stealing away

on saturday eden an i stole away for the day to visit my grandmother in the norfolk area.  grandmom is a gem of a woman who loves everyone her family with so much loyalty and makes a few hours at her house feel like a vacation from life and worry and, well, anything at all that is not peaceful.  even when she has not made rolls, her kitchen always smells like them to me.  she always has a freezer full of treats (this time she offered me turtles, sour cream pound cake, butterscotch brownies, cranberry brownies, apple cake and fruit cake AND sent me home with portions for robert.  i chose a turtle and a butterscotch brownie..duh).

grandmom had met eden before, but it was when e was only two weeks old.  so grandmom had not really met the eden that i know and love.  we set out in time to have morning nap in the car and spent the day at grandmoms house.  a house that is chock full of memories and moments that helped make me, and my parents and siblings and cousins, into the people that we are.  i am not going to try and explain the way i feel in her house because i am not a talented enough writer to do it justice.  
but i will just say it my life is wrapped up in it.  

my other three grandparents have gone on to be with our good lord, and grandmom is all i have left.  it was an incredible joy to watch her play with her great granddaughter.

 they were having a heart to heart here. grandmom was probably telling eden not to give her any sass if she knows whats good for her.  dont cross grandmom or she wont make you rolls.  and nobody want that.  

eden also got to meet my cousin and his daughter and son.  it was great watching my family love my daughter