new years revolution

have you all seen this commercial?  it kills me.

while i don't have any revolutions planned for 2013, i am resolved to look back with gratitude and look forward with hope and determination.   2013 has come and gone and, just like the end of every year, i cannot believe how the time has flown by.  its always been a personal habit to look back at the end of the year and just recall what has happened.  some years its a very difficult thing to do because i am finishing that year without someone who began the year with me.  some years i am just so glad that the year is over.  but this year i am able to look back with so much fondness and joy.

at the very end of last year i found out i was pregnant and i hoped and waited for the baby to grow stronger and stronger.  i greeted 2013 with an expectant heart and was blessed beyond words with a baby girl in august.  i also got to watch my husband transition into fatherhood which is a joy that only a wife and mother can understand.  i thought i loved robert before, but its all so different now.  i found myself watching him this morning as he was working on the computer, unaware of my gaze.  my heart just felt so full knowing that i would get to start another year of being his wife and the mother to his child.

and as thankful as i am for this year, i am also so full of hope and expectation for next year, along with resolve to do things differently and better.  i dont know what it is about a new year.  january one is really just another day.  its not radically different from december thirty one, nothing eternal has changed or been altered.  but knowing that there is a whole year coming in which there is not yet a single blemish...its just invigorating.

so i resolve to do the following...

spend every bit of time i can with eden.  
she is growing at the speed of light and i am determined not to miss it.  every day she shows of a new ability or skill and my mind is reeling with the speed at which she is progressing.  at the exact same time i am reminiscing each moment while it is happening AND itching to see what she will be like in another week, month, year.  

get more organized with my time and more responsible with my money.
because i have eden and i also have alot of other things going on, i need to be more on top of my schedule, which will lead to being more responsible with our money and with my time. ill explain.  i used to plan out our weekly meals and buy everything that i needed for all our meals, at once.  but now, since my brain is still recovering from pregnancy and the introduction into motherhood, i forget to get what i need.  which means i have to go back to the grocery store again (=spending more money AND more time) or buying lunch each day (=spending more money).  i also want and need to be so much more intentional about time in the Word and time in prayer.  time for that only happens when i schedule it.  SO, i need to plan better so that both my time and money will be better spent.  

make make make.
i recently learned to knit (just the bare essentials) but i want to get better so that i can make baby gifts for some exciting little ones who will be arriving on the scene in this coming year.  i also want to be able to make things for eden because i love the idea of things being hand made.  its so special.  i have been so blessed by the handmade gifts i have received for eden and i can't wait to bless my fellow mama-folk.  

i have plenty of other resolutions as well (including getting my body back and moving to a different apartment) but i figure three main ones is plenty to keep me going for a while.  hope you finished 2013 well and that your 2014 starts off on a great note!



  1. I look forward to spending another year with you friend! Can a subset of your 'make' resolution be to have some knitting sessions with me so that I can get into the swing of it?

  2. Sure thing Christine! And I am so glad to start 2014 with the Lu family in my life!


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