miscellaneous holiday festivities

during our 12 days of holidays we engaged in much frivolity and eating and gathering.  
here are some of the best non-christmas moments in photos...

elise treated all the ladies to high tea at the historic washington duke inn.  it was a delightful afternoon full of tiny foods, delicious teas and two sweet babies.  

there is something so wonderful about tiny delicate foods 

the gents of the group had their own tea tee time and met us in the lobby after their round of golf (robert's first!)
robert and eden with my sister's sister in law...

the whole group together after tea and tee times.

paul scored a few tickets to the duke game against. eastern michigan.  what a fantastic highlight to an already wonderful christmas break!  go duke!  

i ordered matching hats for the girlies from a very talented woman at my church!  

here is eden at the irish pub where we did an early new-years dinner. party animal

all that personality in one little lady

there was also just lots of sitting, eating, sport-watching.  emily with eden

gramma j got so much time with both of her girls.  here she is with florence, my niece.  

elise loves my baby so well

and we will finish with tall robert on short chair 

the end