just the three of us

i was talking with some friends this morning over a soul-comforting potato-cheesey-breakfast hash about how being a working mom feels like one of those movies where the character is trying to be in two places at once.  you have seen them, going back and forth from event to event trying to make everyone at each event think that they were there for the whole thing.  and as they go back and forth they have to change outfits.  and, though they pull it off for the first part of the night, eventually they show up to the business meeting in a bridesmaid's dress...and its all over.

that is how it feels some days, especially since its january and everybody know that no one likes january.  its like this in between time.  holidays done, spring far away.  we have to suck it up and deal with the cold and the dreary and get through it!  and at the end of the day i think 'did i pull it off?  did i get it all done? do i still have the right outfit on?'

all of that to say i think that sweet moments that make me forget my attempts to live out amy grant's song 'hats' (which my sister and i definitely choreographed as kids) are all the more special when they come these days.  and the other day the three of us just had a few sweet moments of laying on the ground and cooing and talking and being.

and i needed it.

some of these did not really turn out but i love them anyway  

oh how i love that face


  1. the two of y'all when her feet are in her mouth are my favorites. her EYES in that first one. she cracks me up.

  2. I don't know what you mean by "turn out"... because every one of these is beautiful! frame them all! cover every inch of exposed wall in the apartment of yours with such photos!


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