eden's nursery

it occurred to me recently that i had not ever shared eden's nursery.

its not totally done because i still need to mount some photos on the piece of wood above her bed, but i can update you on those when i get that project started finished.  

i love her room because it used to be an office/guest room/random space and now it feels like a totally different space.  i can't hardly remember it before.  it just seems to have taken on the identity of the baby bird's nest.  i love the way it feels.

and its so full of love.  love from us for her.  but also love from alot of you for her.  ill highlight the special things in each photo that came from someone.  from you, to her, with love.

lamp: a gift from my mama 
dresser: a gift from the radabaughs
birth weight rounds: a gift from greta, made for the newborn session 
the lace dresser runner: a keepsake from my mother.  it was on her dresser when she was a little girl.  
calendar: a gift from holly that i LOVE because i can write one little thing about each day with eden.  it was a really thoughtful gift.  

the adorable sock caterpiller: from cousin alicia
canvas piece: my co-worker laura

the beautiful birdcage: searched for and found by martha.  such a thoughtful gift, as she knew i had been wanting one. its full of headbands and hats made by many friends & a few by me too! 
the doll:  handmade by amanda with love for the babe
the little bunny: handmade by ashley with love for the babe
the big bunny: handmade by greta with love for the babe

precious silver noah's ark: a gift from uncle paul, who does all things financial for work.  so its appropriate. save your pennies eden.

the beautiful book: from kristina.  i just love the cover artwork.

the book shelf: a hand - me -down from laura lee and kaite. it was in katie's room as a girl
many books: from many friends
healing salve and breathe balm: from the hands of mama clinch
silver baby cup: mine as a child
green flower pot: gift from greta 

the beautiful valance: handmade by mama for the baby with love 
eden pillow: handmade by katha with love from germany
glider: gift from grandmom and mama 
little rocking chair: re-purposed by grandmom and re-gifted from cousins

little chair: from grandmom.  used to be in the sunday school classroom where my father and his brothers were children.  each jordan kid has one now.
baby: mine.  alllll mine. in a hat that i wore as a babe

mirror: re-purposed by grandmom

bunny: so so soft and a gift from my mama.
sheep quilt: sweet gift from holly

eden letters: from my sister at my shower
painting: handmade by aunt gretchen.  'we loved you before we knew you'
elephant: bought at an rh handmade fair.  i think sarah's mother made it?  i had to buy it.  so stinkin cute
changing table: 20$ at a a consignment sale.  its the one i had registered for.  score!

birdy mobile: handmade by marla with love for baby 

beautiful wood piece: from zach and greta.  ill be mounting maternity and newborn shots from kristal and greta and christine.
teddy bear in the basket: mine from birth.  theodore lawrence bearstien. teddy bear for short. 
beautiful dust ruffle: handmade with love by my mama

the view from where i sit each day.  a room full of love.  a heart full of love.  
thank you for making her room so full of love my dears.