eden's first eats

so now that eden is five months we have started her on a little bit of solid food.  i was anxious because i did not know if i would know when she was ready, but then the signs were really obvious.  she is putting everything in her mouth (also a sign of teething), reaching for big people food, sitting up with help ( and a bit on her own )... so i decided to start off with a sweet potato-mother milk entree for her.  it was easy enough to prepare and we sat her down with excitement.  a goal i had was to teach her, from the beginning, that when she is being fed by someone else, she does not get to involve her hands.  i know eventually she will use her hands, but not for now.  i held her hands down the first few times i fed her and now she mostly keeps them down while eating.

there are alot of photos here but i could not leave any out because her facial expressions were to die for.  she was like 'what the heck is this / oh i love this' the entire time.  robert and i were in stitches watching her eat!

my aunt and uncle gave me this precious giraffe spoon to use with eden!  

her face in all of these is a very clear statement about how she feels.

and my personal favorite captioned 'why would you do this to me? what did i ever do to you?'

she is much better and happier about eating now that we are a few days in.  she dives for the spoon (getting it up her nose once or twice) and seems to enjoy eating :)  up next?  avocado!  


  1. the girl with a thousand faces. of course she'd have special one for pureed sweet potatoes.


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