the white elephant in the room

tis the season of white elephant gift exchanges.  i went to one last weekend and then also went to one last night at my community group.  

among the list of potential MVG(most valuable gift) winners are the following.

-finger soccer game complete with pitch, goals, ball and shoes you put on your fingers

-blue 'forever lazy' which is a giant furry onesie for an adult (modeled below by joel)

-birdhouse made of va tech beer cans (this was my contribution which i acquired at the previous party)

we finished up the evening with a few christmas songs, read from our i phones of course...

the whole gang (and joel still in the forever lazy)

merry white elephants everyone


  1. Love your photos! Such a fun night :)

  2. Wow, Brandon and Arielle aged very quickly. Oh, wait...


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