Christmas Party: Ladies Only

on saturday we had a little get together to celebrate the season.  get a bit dressed up.  make some fancy food.  sip some fancy drinks.  enjoy.

i loved the time with some of my favorite women in RVA and had a great time catching up and making new memories with these lovelies. i also dressed eden up in ridiculous tights with ruffles on the bottom.  thanks for those sister.

per my routine, the evening through photos...
(my camera is doing something funny lately where the photos are really grainy. not sure about that)

i made these rosemary sprigs with mozzarella, salami, kalamata olives and artichoke hearts.  very festive looking and super yummy.  i think the rosemary looks like little christmas trees.

christine made these homemade ginger and cinnamon marshmallows dipped in 
choclate and graham crackers.

other items on the menu icluded some sort of pastry sausage deliciousness by mignon, peppermint hot choclate, spike egg nog, meatballs, egg rolls, sweet and salty mix, bacon wrapped pineapple, chocolatey coconut morsels, kale and sausage tartlets...the list goes on.

 needless to say, we ate and drank well.

mar the lovely holding my little one in her christmas stockings

a few by the tree with my love, compliments of christine.  


  1. Those Christmas stockings are the best! Also, I love that I know most of the ornaments on that tree and have many of the same on my own tree from our swaps. Love!! Miss you girls


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