a sweet tradition

so there is this family that i love oh so much.  they adopted me in college and made sure i had a home cooked meal every once in a while.  since we have been married they have been instrumental in feeding us when we had no money, counseling us when we had no answers, and helping us learn to be parents when we had no clue.  

i am going to stop there because i could go on and on and on and on about how wonderful Steve, Melissa and their kids are, but this is a post about cookies.


every year that i have been in RVA for christmas, i have decorated cookies with this family.  last night was no different :)  

eden was a trooper and bounced around all evening from person to person to bouncy seat.  we made sugar cookies, cream cheese jam cookies and molasses cookies (this recipe and they were fantastic!!!). we decorated and laughed and ate cookies for a few hours and then ended the evening in a spontaneous carol sing around the piano.  

melissa baking with my baby on her hip 

a little post-cookie couch dwelling

sweet family
sweet tradition