things i love

sleepy lazy saturday mornings where i get to play with eden without looking at the clock or worrying about getting to work, or getting anywhere for that matter.

bringing her in bed to snuggle with us after i feed her. she talks and coos and smiles and its just blissful.

sitting with my knees up and putting her in the crook between my stomach and knees.  putting her feet on my face and feeling her curl her toes on my cheeks. she looks at me like 'you are crazy mama'.  im crazy about you eden.

staring at her long enough that i start to tear up a bit because its just too wonderful

changing her diaper.  weird, i know.  but i really enjoy this daily part of taking care of her.  she coos and smiles when i do and its just a sweet (if not stinky) moment in the day.

waking her up.  she always smiles up at me with this excited smile like she is pleasantly surprised to see me and just tickled pink that i came to get her.

feeding her.  breastfeeding is such an awesome idea and there is such a great sense of bonding that goes on when you are feeding your child.  like there is a secret and its just between her and me.  she puts her little hand on me, pinkie up, and stares wide eyed at me while she eats.  her eyes are so dark and endless. sometimes she stops and smiles.  melt

watching robert with her.  he is such an incredible daddy to her.  i was not sure if he would be interested in infant eden (i thought maybe he would only become interested once she could start running with him). but he loves holding her and playing with her and talking/singing/dancing with her. sometimes he giggles like a kid when he is playing with her. it makes me fall in love with him all over and over and over again.

smelling her after i have rubbed zzzz balm (credit to megan) and burt's all over her.  i just love love love the way she smells when shes clean and covered in sweet smelling goodness.

giving her a bath. she LOVES the water and wiggles around wide eyed like she is experiencing every single feeling for the first time.  she never cries or whines in the bath tub.  its a go to calmer for her.

watching her dance.  i stand her on my legs and hold her waist loosely.  she wiggles all around and bobs her head every which way with wide eyes and her mouth in a perfect little O.  instant joy.

her hair.  her hair is always crazy in the morning, especially when it is freshly washed.  i don't really know what i am supposed to do with it?  is baby hair supposed to be combed and neat?  cause i love it wild.  like i know her spirit will be.

i love learning about all the new things i love.  love.  love.  love.