its been three months

eden has been gracing us with her presence for three months now and it has been absolute bliss.  we are more in more in love with her daily.

things she is doing now...

staring at people so hard and with so much intensity, especially daddy.

grabbing things with her little fingers and really holding on to them.

smiling up at me when i go to get her in the morning.  (also smiling up at me during the occasional middle of the night wake if she thinks if she is cute enough ill pick her up and play with her at 2 am...)

cooing and talking and making so much noise.  she does this one that sounds so much like she is saying the word 'hi'.  i always say hi back.

she gets in bed every morning with us for a few minutes and happily grunts and sighs and grabs at our hands.

she smiles and smiles which i had been waiting for.  every time she smiles my heart hurts a little cause its so so full that i can't stand it.

she recognizes people now.  she knows me and responds to me, and the same is true with the regulars in her life.  she does not know the toothless hispanic man who tried to greet her at the grocery store.  she let him know quite vocally.  

i love this motherhood thing.  especially when its with eden.  


  1. oh my isn't that so wonderful when you sense that she knows you?!

    part of me can't believe it's only been 3 months, i feel like we have known her for so much longer!


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