its friday again and i have had far more than five things to be grateful for this week. 
but ill just share five for now! 

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1. my cousin cae came to visit friday and stayed through saturday.  it was such a joy to introduce eden to her.  cae is my second sister and we had a great time eating, shopping, hanging out for a few days.

2. i recently got back in touch with my aunt melissa!  when i was a child and my parents were worried that i was never going to start talking, they sent me to stay with her for a few weeks. and i have been talking ever since...thanks aunt melissa.  

eden got to meet aunt melissa and cousin jason on sunday, which was a huge blessing.  agabas loved the time with this family!  

3. a sweet friend elizabeth brought dinner (a delicious black bean soup) to my place on wednesday.  we drank wine and ate delicious food.  elizabeth is in culinary school and let me just say, its great when she makes dinner...or dessert...or anything at all really.

4. this video of her yesterday morning.  i have gotten in the habit of making these short little videos with instagram and then watching them all day long when i miss her.  sometimes i post them on instagram but mostly i don't cause that would be overload!   

5.  eden is now on a really great schedule that i have been wanting her to be on for a while now.  it works really well for our afternoons and evenings and she seems very well rested and well fed.  so that is great.

i am off to see my soulmate friend emily and her family this weekend!  

  • have a great weekend folks 


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