this week has been a long one.  i have not felt like i had nearly the time to do all the things i needed and wanted to get done.  i felt like i rushed through the whole thing and barely kept myself together.  but we made it!  its friday and some respite is on its way this weekend.  

linking up with lauren to bring you some highlights from this past week

1.  our friends kate and brad, who went through parenting class with us, brought their beautiful twin daughters over for a play date with eden.  we so enjoy getting to know this family better and better.  

2. a dear friend, ashley, came to visit us on saturday and meet eden.  she snuggled her good and bought her some cute clothes, including an adorable reindeer footie pajamma (6 month size by the way.  its way too wide, but NOT too long for my leggy one.)

3. this week was crazy but i got a few minutes here and there to just appreciate our little family and watch eden play and her and robert hang out together.  it did this mama's heart good.
snuggles with a tired daddy

 helping daddy with his homework and getting in some tummy time

i love watching her learn to grab things and seeing the delight in her eyes when she grabs on to something with success.

4. watching a well fought victory with my daughter.  she just loves duke basketball.  she does not even have the words to express how much she loves it. 

5. i returned to the worship team this week after my eden-induced break.  we had practice on wednesday night and it was great to be back in the swing of things with musicians i really respect.  its a huge honor to get to participate in making the music on sunday mornings
 and i really missed it. 

if your week was good, im glad
if your week was bad, its almost over
enjoy your friday folks!