high five

i used to participate weekly in lauren's high five challenge.  i got out of the habit but i want to get back in because i really enjoy summing up the best things about each week.  
it keeps me thankful.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

so here goes my H54F for the week

1.  i finally got back into somewhat of an exercise routine and went walking with my friend karen.  we had really great gospel rooted conversation and it was good for my soul   i really love walking in richmond in beautiful fall weather.  and i really love karen. 

i snapped this one of my sweetie while we were walking. 

2.  i spent time on wednesday night with marla, a dear friend.  we drank wine and ate dinner and snuggled with eden and talked about all things life-related.

3.  i spent saturday with some of my best friends and their husbands/dogs/children.  
i wrote about it here.  

here is one photo of my husband and daughter from the orchard.

4. i spent some time with one of my favorite families on sunday and they loved 
on eden a good bit.  clearly, she enjoyed it.

5. as soon as i get off from work today i get to go pick up my cousin cae from the airport. she has come to town to visit and to meet eden and i just can't wait.  cae and i are kindred spirits and really understand each other.  we also really make each other laugh, even when no one else thinks we are funny!  i know this will be a great weekend with her!

hope you all take a moment to remember the great parts of your weeks!