farewell friend

greta is one of my very closest friends and one of my favorite people.  she is an artsy, creative, funny, smart, beautiful wife of one, mother of two.  she was the first non-family member to meet my daughter and spent the first hours of eden's life with me and my family at the hospital.  she has taught me how to be a wife, mother and friend.  she has taught me by the way she lives and i have learned so much from her.  

and, until this week, one of the best things about her has been her location in richmond...

but, as of friday, she will be a richmonder no more.  she and her family are re-locating for an exciting new chapter of their lives and, while i am thrilled for them and happy in all the ways a good friend should be (or at least im trying), i am also incredibly bummed out and blue over the whole thing.  

here are a few photos of me trying to squeeze in some last few moments with her and her lovelies.  

loving on eden

see, i told you...beautiful

 her sweet daughter psalm with eden

you are irreplaceable greta and ill miss you more than i can say. i pray that God will bless you and your beautiful family in this new adventure.  you always have a place here with us.

love you