a different kind of excited

when i was one month from my due date with eden i was excited.  but it was not just a naked excitement.  i was also nervous and anxious and wondering how in the world this baby was going to come out of me and survive with just robert and me to take care of her.  i was afraid that something might go wrong in delivery.  i was unsure of how i would respond to motherhood. i was alot of things other than just excited because eden's arrival was going to be the biggest life changing event ever.  and it meant so much more responsibility than i had ever known.

but, a month out from my sister's due date, im pretty much just excited.  i think even more excited possibly than when eden was almost here.  don't get me wrong, i love my daughter more than i love any other human on the planet with the exception of my husband.  and i was excited when she was coming, but all those other emotions had their fair (or unfair) share of my attention.

but with baby nelson all i am is excited.  i dont have to be responsible for her or stay up at night with her or figure her out or take care of her (except on occasion).

all i have to do is be her aunt and love the bejeezus out of her.

and people, that is exciting!

isnt my sister gorgeous???

get here soon baby nelson! 
auntie lo, uncle ro and cousin eden are waiting!


  1. i remember this feeling when Eden was coming...being an aunt is so much LOVE!!! i'll try to give you as precious as a niece as you gave me. :)

  2. that is SO exciting! i can't even imagine what that must feel like to be in anticipation of your sister's daughter


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