whats in a name?

eden isimbi

the name we chose for our little girl.

its alot of responsibility to name a human.  just think about it, it sticks with them their WHOLE lives.  it is the first thing they tell people about themselves.  its a pretty big deal.

we wanted her to have names that would be recognizable and easy to say, both here and in rwanda.  we decided on an english first name (which is actually hebrew...) and a rwandan second name.

i love eden because it makes me think of perfect, uninterrupted fellowship with God.  a time where nothing, like sin and rebellion, gets in the way of our perfect connection with our maker.  a time that existed once and will exist again.  and this name reminds me of that hope.  eden

isimbi is a rwandan name because she is half rwandan. it means something that is highly valued or treasured. something that is prized or elevated above other things. and that name reminds me of how my daughter is priceless, and has worth beyond measure. isimbi

whats in a name?  

a lot, i think.


  1. Thank you Laura for writing this. You told me once but I had forgotten. I love it.


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