i have managed to survive my first day away from eden.  (notice i say that I have survived, because i am sure that eden was completely un-phased by the fact that we were separated for the day since she spent her day being kissed and hugged by clinch boys and no one can complain in that situation).  usually eden will be staying with another family, but today was a special circumstance so my dear friend megan saved the day (with an incredible amount of calm that only comes from a well-seasoned mother). she met me at her door with a smile, made me coffee and sent me away with a hug and a promise to send photos and updates.

getting back into the work routine was surprisingly easy.  in fact, by the middle of the day i was beginning to question if i had ever been out on leave and had a baby.  i mean here, nothing is different.  sure a few people want to see photos or want a one-word answer about how i am, how she is...but mostly my life here is exactly the same as it was before. 

except that, instead of having a sweet baby to feed, i get to sit in a dark closet hooked up to a machine twice a day.  i managed to get through the day mostly unscathed. 

when quittin time rolled around i was more than ready and i zipped off toward my babe. megan told me that she had done great all day, with the exception of missing the personal interaction during feeding with made this mama feel sad.  i excitedly hurried into the nursery and picked up my sweet swaddled little love.  smelling her was a balm for my soul, that baby smell.  when we came home, i ignored the bills waiting, laundry that needed folding, house that needed straightening.  i fed her and then we spent a happy 45 minutes lounging in the lingering sunshine on a blanket.  we finished the afternoon with a bath and a snuggle and she is now down for her early evening sleep.  

i think you all must have been praying all day for me, because i was able to handle the separation much better than i thought i would.  i was so encouraged by texts, e mails and phone calls throughout the day.  another friend (also a meghan) brought dinner so i would not have to think about it on my first day back.  God used so many of you to provide for me physically and emotionally and spiritually today.

thank you.

now, for day 2...


  1. yeah i remember thinking that too; when i got to work, it felt like nothing there had changed. my world had been rocked but everything else was exactly the same. i'm so glad that you were able to ease into it unscathed and that you had some sweet time with your babe at the end of it all.


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