One month of Eden

my sweetness is one month old today and it has made me think about how many things have changed in my life in the last month.  its been a relatively short amount of time in my life, considering the fact that i have been alive for over three hundred and thirty months, and yet my life has changed more in the last month than it ever has before.

time that used to be spent relaxing, indulging, socializing is now spent nursing, sleeping, pumping, not-sleeping, diaper changing, cleaning.  

days that used to seem wide open and full of free time are now categorized by nap times, feed times and wake times in a never ending cycle. 

clothes, sheets and pillows that used to be nice are now stained with exploded diapers, breast milk and spit up.

corners of our home that used to be empty and are now full of lamby bouncy seats, car seats, strollers and diaper bags.

and my heart, which used to reside somewhere in my chest, is now beating outside of me in the form of a bright-eyed, awe-inspiring little lady.  

happy one month eden-girl.


  1. i love reading about how motherhood has changed you. you are such a beautiful mother--even if you can't see that all the time through the haziness of it all. i am so lucky to learn from you for these months before i get thrown into it all too. :) happy first month of motherhood!!!!


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