Blessed Be The Tie

i am three weeks into this mothering journey and my mind is spinning with lessons i have learned and am learning.  many of these things are practical

the best way to swaddle eden

the way she likes to be held

how to make sure she does not get the hiccups

what her face looks like just before she destroys a diaper


but the most valuable things i have learned thus far have nothing to do with the practical lessons i can learn from reading books or even from those with more seasoned mothering wisdom than i.

the most valuable thing i have realized is that i am incredibly blessed by the tie that binds me with the other christian women in my life.  some of you, and you know who you are, have been soothing my soul with your e mails, phone calls, texts messages and words.  late night phone consults and encouraging words in the midst of tears and stress have kept me afloat. 

and yes, your practical advice is useful and helpful and please keep it coming.  

but more than anything, its been your encouragement that has lifted me up so that i am confident in what God is doing in our family, and in how he is using me.  your willingness to be real and share your stories has given me the freedom to be real and share mine...which has kept me sane.  

if you have read my blog for long, you know that i am often moved by song lyrics, and they are frequently those of sara groves.  one of the incredible women in my life, melissa, sent me this song and it got me to thinking about how incredibly blessed i am that, while i alone am eden's mother, i am surrounded by women who will hold me up and walk with me, regardless of how it goes. 

we share each others woes
our common burdens bare
and offer for each other
a sympathizing tear

blessed be the tie that binds our hearts
in christian love 

so thank you to you who are bound with me in the common love of our savior.  

thank you for your words and time and love and wisdom.  

i am so grateful.  


  1. listening to the song lovely and captures so much of my gratitude also


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