a moment in the madness

mornings are a little bit hectic in the agaba household these days.  my mornings used to be leisurely, with plenty of time for coffee and breakfast and make up and all those necessities luxuries.  no more.

this morning i woke up to my alarm and stayed in bed for a few moments calculating how much sleep i had gotten, and when id be able to sleep again.  i contemplated calling in sick but then got the better of myself and decided to get on with it. i got eden up at 6 (after having been awake way too much with her last night because she is adjusting to a new feeding schedule/her new daily routine/a growth spurt) and fed her till around 6:35.  the rest of the morning went as follows...

6:35 - eden dressed for day, in lamby seat and content while mama gets ready
6:40 - making my lunch, robert's lunch, my coffee, my breakfast
6:45 - eating bites of my cereal while prepping bottles for today
6:50 - giant explosive sound coming from lamby seat, followed by immediate fussing.  it was ridiculous people
6:50 - eden changed and back in lamby seat 
7:00 - have 1.5 sips of coffee, take eden to get in be with daddy while i finish getting ready
7:15 - me dressed, finishing packing bags and brushing teeth (before which i got a second and third sip of coffee)
7:20 - all bags to car (there are many bags...her milk/bottle bag, diaper bag, my lunch bag, my purse, pump)
7:25 - get her from daddy, goodbye kisses, in car seat, out the door.
7:30 - all buckled in, npr on, mama takes a breath

and in all of that madness, between a diaper change and a return trip to lamby, something happened that made my hectic morning come to a screeching halt...

she smiled at me

a big, open-mouth, non gas-induced smile

and i forgot about my sleepless night, my still more than half full cup of coffee (that is still sitting at home in said state), my soggy cereal that i did not manage to finish, my headache...

id been waiting for a smile.  robert got one and so did my mom, and my heart just needed that little reinforcement that comes from the slightest bit of feedback from the human whom you have been keeping alive for the past 6 weeks.

thanks eden.  mama needed that.  you make me smile too. lets do that again real soon.