38 weeks

so for the next three posts, E is going to be a progressively growing watermelon.  the other recommended fruits and veggies are not possible to get now (like a pumpkin and a jackfruit) so we are down to the only really big fruit left...watermelon!

im feeling pretty much the same.  doing lots of nesting, cleaning, organizing and the like. 
 dreaming and wondering what she will look like, aching to hold her in my arms instead of my...mid-section.  i tried to see what she would look like by putting robert's and my photos in on babycenter.com.  have any of you seen 'how to lose a guy in 10 days'.  let me just tell you, she was really...attractive

i don't feel like im "so over" being pregnant or 'miserable' or 'done', but i am just so excited to meet her.  i have finished almost all my nesting tasks, which is a big load off, and so now im more ready to get this load off.

odd fact:  usually getting my eyebrows waxed ranges from painful to down right ridiculous. however, this week, when i went to get my eyebrows waxed, i hardly noticed the pain.  then i realized it was because my pelvis and lower back were stealing the spotlight, leaving no pain sensors left to bring information from my freshly tortured skin up to my brain.  so, advice on waxing hurting less...be 38 weeks pregnant!

i did however get a great compliment from my midwife this week.  she said my ankles were looking great.  i blushed a little.

i am back at work today, after july off for our school's summer break, and i am praying that being at work helps the days go quickly till i get to meet my lovey.