37 weeks and full term

baby is the size of a canary melon.

i guess now she is full term. i hope she does not get any fuller, cause i am feeling pretty...full.  more of the same this week, crazy amounts of kicking, jabbing, assaulting, punching and leaning.  the leaning is kinda the worst.  its like she gets ready, and the throws all her weight to the right front side of my belly and i tip over a bit.  lots of up all nights/can't sleeps cause she is bearing down on my bladder or taking it out on my ribs. and lots of not being able to sit in any position at all without her complaining that there is not enough room...

i am trying to clean every surface of this apartment (which should not be a huge task, cause its a tiny cozy apartment), finish her room, and get in my quality pool time in my last week off before i go back to work.  i have found out that another rwandan friend is coming to meet little lady, mamma olivier, who is essentially my rwandan mother.  so that is wonderful news!

its a little bit insane to know that she could come ANY minute...or not for five more weeks.  how do you wrap your mind around that?  how do you keep doing normal life every day knowing that a contraction could come at any moment OR could wait over 30 more days.  its wild.  its also a bit difficult to judge how much time i have in order to accomplish certain tasks.  like do i have two more days to get this apartment totally ready?  or two more weeks?  how did you other moms handle this tension during your final weeks?

this is the home stretch now folks!