36 weeks

so i am 36 weeks and four days pregnant...  

less than 4 weeks till she is due.

24 days.

baby is as heavy as a honeydew melon. 

i know that many women (and most of my friends) deliver their first baby well past his or her due date.  i am ok with it being another 5 and a half weeks, i actually really like this phase of being pregnant even though im exhausted and huge and uncomfortable.  it feels like a secret party with just me and the babe and i know that i will miss that to a certain extent once she is born.  there is nothing like having your baby growing in you, its priceless and incredible and i really do value the experience of feeling her grow in me.  

that being said, i think/hope she will come early for several reasons.

1.  she is assaulting me almost non-stop every day and night, to the extent that random strangers have asked if i was in labor because of the obvious physical discomfort i was in.  it hurts, people.  i think she has her daddy's long long legs and there simply is not enough room.  she wants out, and she is going to make it happen sooner rather than later.  my whole belly contorts back and forth as she does her thing, and its just plain crazy.  

2.  my sister in law and niece are visiting from rwanda for a week leading up to the due date. if she is not born before they leave, they will not get to meet her for two more years because we won't be in rwanda till then, and they will not likely be back in the states.  it would be incredible if baby could meet some rwandan family right away.  she is halfrican after all!

3.  i am far too excited to meet her to have to wait more than 3 weeks or so.  doesn't she know how much we love her and can't wait to hold her?  she must know!  i want her now.

again, i know that most women go late on their first, but i also know that sometimes the rules are bent and i am just really hoping/thinking that they will be in her case.  i know she will come in God's perfect time, but it seems to my finite brain that it would be while our family was here from rwanda...

only a few more posts until this little one is on the outside!  its really really exciting/the most overwhelming and scary thing ever.  robert and i keep talking about how much our lives will change, and how much we can't wait.

get here E!!!


  1. I don't know if you heard this but, usually, just before baby comes they tend to settle in and stop being so active. Saving energy for birth I guess. Blessed are you and Robert. Revel in the experience. God is proven good in it all! I am anxious to meet her even if it's only in cyber space. I pray that you have the most amazing birth ever!


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