33 weeks down, 7 to go

getting close now.  baby weighs between 4 and 5 lbs and is the size of a durian which is an asian fruit that smells so bad that its is banned on many public forms of transportation in asian countries.  

i went to a local asian market to acquire one, and it was so smelly and scary looking (like a medieval weapon) that i decided to use something else to show her approximate weight...a bunch of baby bananas.  they are much sweeter smelling and i knew robert would be very happy to have some since we eat them all the time in rwanda.  

kicks are hurting, i mean really hurting

her bum is forever sticking out of the left side of my belly 

waves of nausea and throwing up again...not awesome

heart (and belly) becoming more and more full

last week of work before my month off.  can't wait to get the nursery in order.  gramma j is busy sewing away and making all sorts of lovely things for the nursery.  

big news of the week is that my little lady will have a galpalcousin in november.  so excited to meet baby girl nelson!!!  


  1. Just had to look up durians and have this to say:
    1. I'm amazed that your store actually carries them.
    2. Looks like a pineapple would work instead. Or have you already used a pineapple? I forget.
    3. Where did you GET this list of weekly fruits anyway, and why oh why would they use durian as this week's example?
    4. Enjoy the baby bananas! A funny substitute.

  2. i tried the baby banana today and it was delicious! (sloane like it too)


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