32 weeks

disclaimer: the fruit and veggie equivalents from here on out are just strange.  this week is a squash, which seems smaller than a pineapple, but hey what do i know about babies...maybe she was as long as a pineapple last week and as heavy as a squash this week?  this is way too confusing for my pregnant brain.

things i know:   

she is STRONG, i just had a punch to my lower portions that made me actually yell OUCH while i was on the phone.

she is active, loves to move.  i am worried that she is going to get squished in there and take it out on me.  sorry e, i can't do anything about it.  i also think she might come out crawling because she seems to be crawling alot in there.

according to myth, she is going to have alot of hair.  apparently if you have bad heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will have alot of hair.  so im thinking, she will essentially be rapunzel, cause my heart is burnin burnin burnin.

things i don't know:

why God is so so good to us and has blessed us with this miracle of life when all we deserve is death

how in the world i will ever let her out of my sight once i get her

how i will figure out all the things i need to in order to take good care of her


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