31 weeks

baby e is now a pineapple.  i have been waiting for this one.  i love pineapple. not sure if she is the whole pineapple, pokey leaves included, or just the bottom part. she pokes me alot these days, so i feel the leaves are appropriate...

don't have much to write this week except that i had another prenatal and she is still head down.  she is a crazy kicker.  and i love her so much.

something really cool happened this week. i was at work, talking with a co-worker, and i had my hand on my belly and i felt an actual body part, either a hand or foot. i could feel either fingers or toes specifically.  it was incredible because all the other times i have felt kicks with my hand, its been impossible to distinguish what body part it was.  but i felt fingers or toes.  i started crying on the spot. i want to meet you e.

she is due 2 months from today.  i know she wont come exactly then, and very well may be a few more days or even weeks after the 13th of august.  but its exciting that her due date is so near!

also random note, its very hard to shave/see my legs these days.  as my wise friend once mused during her third trimester "people, don't look too closely at a pregnant lady's bare legs".  


  1. This reminds me of a bit from an amusing TV comedy years ago. A woman was on her back on the coffee table with legs in the air, demonstrating the only way she could get her panties (or pantyhose? It was a different fashion era ago) on: by holding them above her and sort of thrusting her feet into them. Of course at that moment somebody else walks in and she gets all embarrassed and the studio audience had a big laugh. But the lying down to put things over feet to then pull up? That stuck with me.

  2. Let me add, the comedienne was reminiscing in the show to girlfriends how it was back when she had been pregnant. She wasn't actually that way at the time.

  3. it really is SO thrilling when things like that happen...


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