30 weeks

alright folks im in the thirties now.  E is as long as a hothouse cucumber, which is really long.  and i can tell you one thing, she has mastered both kicking and punching.  each night this week I  have hardly slept at all because she has been kicking and moving and squirming all night long.  i feel annoyed for a quick second, and then i just feel so thankful that she is moving and letting me know she is healthy and strong and getting ready to meet me.  

as for me, i have been having strange dreams lately, including one recently where i had to swim with a team from harbor covenant church from europe to nyc and we were all wearing life vests and normal clothes.  eventually i was swimming the last leg, which somehow was the tacoma narrows, and my sister elise, who was 7 in the dream and had a pony tail on the very top of her head like she did all through her little girl years, was supposed to navigate.  but she fell asleep in her life vest while i was pulling us along and we ended up somewhere with palm trees....so strange.  did anyone else have weird dreams while pregnant?  i hear its common.

robert and i had our first bradley class over the weekend and it was wonderful!  between the bradley class and our preparation for parenting class with the radabaughs, we are feeling exponentially more prepared than we had in the past.  God has blessed us so greatly with wonderful teachers for both classes so we can prepare our hearts and minds and bodies for the transition ahead.  

funny fact: when r and i were at our bradley class, she was using a sample cervix and baby doll to show us the birth process and r kept saying quietly "oh shoot, oh shoot".  kept me smiling the whole class.  

i am love love loving being pregnant these days and, except for the constant achy back and lack of sleep, i feel really good!  


  1. i'm so glad you're enjoying being pregnant these days, you look radiant!


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