when you get here

when you get here our lives will change so much...in a great way.  i am naturally so selfish and God is teaching me already to think of what you need before i think of what i need.  i dream about what your hair will look like and how you will smile and what your laugh will sound like.  i look at all the little girl clothes i have in your room and imagine you crawling around in them.  i think about what i will say to you to comfort you and how i will sing you to sleep like my mother used to do for me.  i wonder if you will be silly or serious or both.  i already think about your wedding day and choke up.  are you rolling your eyes at me in there?

when you get here there will be so many people waiting to love you and hold you and tell you sweet things.  you will have so many little friends who have been born in the last few years.  you will have a little cousin just a few months behind you who will be your bud for life.  you will have gramma J and papa J to give you kisses and hugs times infinity (and papa J might talk your ear off for infinity explaining something that neither you, nor i, understand).

you will have parents who are sinners, and will teach you how to forgive by asking your forgiveness when we fail.  we will show you love by not letting you do whatever you want, but only what is good for you, even if you don't like it.  we will do a great job at times, and we will mess up at other times.

but we will love you.  and we are already trusting you into your heavenly father's hands.

your room is getting ready for you.

our hearts have been ready for a while...