the best

so i dont know if you have a sister, but i do.  she is elise and she is my very best friend.  we are sisters, to be sure, and have our moments, but for the most part we delight in silly jabbering and laughing and soul-sharing. and for my whole pregnancy, she has been the most supportive and encouraging sister possible.

that is why i am beyond thrilled to my toes that SHE IS PREGNANT TOO!!!!!  that is right, my baby sister who got her first haircut at my hands is pregnant with me and due just a few months after me.

elise and adam, we are so excited to meet baby n.  we love you both and cant wait for our kids to be cousins and friends for their whole lives.

cousins meeting at 8 weeks and 22 weeks 

cousins partying at 12 weeks and 26 weeks