28 weeks

the home stretch is upon us.  E is due in 12 weeks, which seems like a very short amount of time.  this week she is about the size of an eggplant.

i am starting to be showered with incredibly generous gifts for our lady.  thank you to all of you who have sent sweet things for her.  your generosity is so appreciated. here are a few of the pretty things. (peggi many of those dresses hanging on the changing table were bought with your generous gift card :)

we painted her dresser and assembled her crib and officially got rid of all things non-baby from the room.  sometimes i feel like i still have a long time till she arrives.  then i think of my friend megan who was due in june and who had her baby this past week, 6 weeks early (she is fine and healthy).  or emily who was due yesterday but had her little man over a week ago.  thinking of E coming early makes me want to run home and go into nesting frenzy.  i would not be ready if she came now.

i feel pretty good except that my lower back is achy and my ankles are fatter and fatter every time i look.  but i would take this feeling over trimester one ANY day of the week.  oh and i just felt my first official "ok sweetheart that kick or punch to the ribs actually hurt me a bit" movement, and it was great.  i hope it was a kick and that her baby feet are up and her head is down.  she moves so much these days and sometimes i have to stop mid-sentence when she does because it is so powerful.

have a great week everyone.


  1. When my usually-slim sister was pregnant, her feet swelled so much that she called them her "Fred Flintstone Feet". Which cracked us up.

    Don't know if you have access to a swimming pool, but she swam regularly and found the best part was feeling weightless while in the water ... until she had to clamber out.

    1. Rebecca I have access to our neighborhood pool starting saturday and you can bet ill be there every afternoon after work enjoying the weightlessness...


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