27 weeks

27 weeks.  this is the last week of my second trimester.  i remember waiting and waiting to get finished with the first trimester and move out of the "danger zone" and now here i am about to move into pregnancy: part 3

the fruit/veggie equivalents for the next three weeks are out of season, so i am having to just kinda eyeball it.  this week she is about the size of a muskmelon, which i ate with my friends after this photo shoot.  we thoroughly enjoyed it.  

i spent last weekend with lots of family in durham for my baby brother's graduation and i reveled in having all my family members touching my belly and asking about baby.  it was great to get to share the excitement with all of them.  it overwhelms my heart to know how many family members lady will have who love her just because she is a part of them.  not because she is good or bad or cute or sweet or perfectly behaved...or anything at all, but just because she is family.  isnt family a great thing?

E is moving alot, per usual, and i can't wait until she is really clearly kicking all the time.  i feel like every kick is a little message to her mamma about something.  sometimes i talk back to her and ask her what she means.  its so clear why mothers and babies are so bonded from the beginning...we have been chatting for months before anyone else gets to meet her.  in fact, on tuesday my soul mate friend emily had her third baby, a little man called Jay, and my little lady kicked ALL DAY LONG.  i think she was like "jay got to be born...let me out!!!!"  not quite yet E, a few more months.

the crib arrived this week and r and i will be putting it together and painting furniture for her room this week.  we also got a gorgeous chest of drawers that was on the way out from some friend's house, and r spent the whole day sanding and painting it yesterday. pretty soon her room should look like her room, which is very exciting.

r and i also started our parenting class this week with steve and melissa, the family who has essentially adopted us agabas from day one, and it was so good.  the first session was on how the most important influence you can have on your kids is by having a strong and loving christ-centered marriage.  looking forward to more classes.  

what my body is doing...

belly growing, ankles swelling, back aching, legs cramping, bladder shrinking, esophagus burning, self not sleeping.

heart expanding :) 

thanks for keeping up with lady a, i love all of your comments on the blog :)


  1. Lady E, I want to tell you something special. Be Patient precious one. You will be born at the perfect time to live the bigger life that God has planned for you in advance. You have amazing parents and love will be the air you breathe. Revel in every moment. God is showering you with blessing and grace even now. We shall see you soon enough!

    1. Thank you Carla, she will love you I am sure!

  2. I so much appreciate your weekly posts, and your searches for the appropriate fruits to show. What's out of season for the next three weeks? Sending love.

    1. Rebecca this week was a rutabaga, which is out of season and the next two weeks are eggplant and acorn squash, which are starting to be in season but are way too small this early :)

  3. that musk melon was deeelicious..

    and getting baby's room ready - so exciting!


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