summer teaser

this weekend was a summer teaser

sister and husband here to enjoy the sunshine

sitting outdoors watching a heat lightening storm while eating thai food with sister and adam

baking with sister

watching friends run the monument 10k, in the sunshine

lunch on a patio with friends, in the sunshine

time at belle isle with friends, again in the sunshine

making dinner with sister

eating delicious rva food outdoors, this time in the shade because i got a bit too much sunshine

grilling with neighbor and her twins, one of who asked me "if you and waburt are married, how come you have different skin?"

the warm weather has done wonders for my spirit and i am loving every bit of it, even though its really hot with this belly on


  1. Funny comment from the twin about Waburt. You two are stretching his/her world in a good way. Tell the twin that your baby will be the perfect mix.

    I like all the "in the sunshine" comments. and "sister" doings. What a great weekend for you.


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