24 weeks

24 weeks and baby is as heavy as a cantaloupe.  i was trying to find a cantaloupe all week but no one had them except trader joes.  and each afternoon when i called to see if they had any so i could go get one, they were sold out.  so, i called yesterday am and asked them to put a cantaloupe on hold for me.  thats right, i put a melon on hold.  and the great guy at traders laughed and said, sure, why not.  so, this melon was hard earned.

not much to report this week.  leg cramps, up nights peeing, sore back.  but SO happy and excited to meet my little lovely lady.

side note: a student touched my belly the other day out of the blue and i was ok with it, cause she was so excited.  

i had the following conversation with a woman at a check out counter 

her: (the first thing she said to me) so, how much weight have you gained?

me: ha, you know, i've gained some

her: so what did you look like before?

me in my head: I don't have a 'before' shot with me lady.  i had a smaller chest, a less poofy face and no cantaloupe in my belly.  

me outloud: ha, just less pregnant i guess

her: is it a boy or a girl?

me: a girl

her: you know what they say, the girls steal the mother's beauty

ok last story.  a friend of mine told me that when she was pregnant with her first she was at a gas station and the attendant, a teenage boy, guessed that she was having a girl, which she was.  he explained that he knew because they say that girls steal the mother's beauty and he knew what the mom had looked like before....

come on people, THINK before you say anything to a pregnant woman.  please


  1. Are you kidding me? Little girls reflect their Mama's beauty! When people day that she looks just like you, you'll know I'm telling the truth! Just look at me and my beautiful daughter! :-D. Laura, you just get more beautiful every day as you participate with God I'm the miracle of creation.

  2. OMG ... I definitely learned that being pregnant invites all sorts of conversation. A lot of it is good and it was always nice when strangers were genuinely happy for me, but then I would get the occasional, ' you look like you're going to burst!' ( said to me by an older man at a movie theatre when I still had about 15 weeks to go...).
    As someone who knew 'what you looked like before you were pregnant' I can say with confidence that pregnancy looks good on you and that you are so beautiful right now!

  3. I remember how my quite-private sister especially hated going on elevators -- not only did her belly take up extra space, but there she was trapped in close proximity where strangers felt at liberty to comment and touch. It set her off: "would you touch my stomach if I weren't pregnant?" That was her inner voice; her public self gritted its teeth and counted down the weeks til the baby arrived.


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