22 weeks

22 weeks = papaya

little lady is still moving a ton.  i dont think there is anything dearer to me than when she is moving around.  now its to the point that i can see my belly move when she does.  it still does not feel like kicks, but its certainly movement.  from what i can tell she has not turned, as most of the movement is at the bottom of my belly.  before i felt her move i remember wondering what it would feel like and if it would be weird.  its awesome.  i like it when she really moves alot, its good for my heart.

im feeling pretty good, which is great.  and this weather is really helping me feel like the pregnancy is moving along faster.  those winter months that were so dreary + the being sick all the time = one loooong winter.  but now it is really feeling like spring around here, which makes everything feel better and more exciting.  on the same note, however, i am realizing that this summer is going to be a long hot one with me getting bigger and bigger.  lots of pool time i hope.

crazy is that girlie is due 4 months from saturday.  4 months is kidnda...soon.

also crazy is how many cute baby girl clothes there are in the world.  target, gap, and gymboree are killing me!  i try not to register for everything but alas...and i bought my first outfit for baby from target.  check out the cuteness...

here are a few on my wishlist


  1. So many cute clothes! I wouldn't mind a grown-up lady version of that last sun dress!


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