21 weeks

21 weeks, little lady is the size of a minneola (which is in the orange family).


i can feel her move and, at times, its really really crazy.  the other day i put on some classical music while writing a paper for my class.  when cannon in d came on, she could not be stopped.  i had to turn off the music so i could focus on my paper.


any time i have gone for a few hours without feeling her, i start to freak out.  then i feel her again and i am ok, until the next time i don't feel her...you see where im going with this.  i just have to trust that God loves her more than i do and will take care of her according to His good and perfect plans.

my bladder is already in overdrive.  i go for walks nearly every day and i swear, even when i go to the bathroom right before i go out, it feels like i have 5 gallons of fluid in me once i start walking.  i now have to walk in circles around my block so i am never more than 10 minutes away from home.  not so awesome.

thats all for now