we're half way there-20 weeks

does anyone else have livin on a prayer stuck in their head? i do, hence the title.  

i am now 20 weeks along in my pregnancy journey and baby is as long as a banana which is crazy!  


this is new, and i love it, but i'm craving grapefruit like crazy.  i eat one in the morning like a woman who has never eaten before.  i can't get enough of them.


i am feeling the baby alot these days, it feels like popcorn in my tummy.  and i do eat alot of popcorn so who knows for sure.  its pretty crazy and i cannot get my mind around the fact that i am feeling le bebe move...but i really really like it.  seriously people, the baby in me is moving enough that i can feel it!!! its a mysterious & wonderful thing!  

i am starting to feel something somewhat resembling good, maybe even great some days.  don't get me wrong, its not all the time, but i have hours almost every day where i feel really really good.  

r and i had a great babymoon last weekend and it was so refreshing and delightful.  we did boy name bracketology (and real bracketology) and enjoyed the sunshine (sans warmth).  i am a believer in the 2nd trimester babymoon.

i had my 20 week check up monday and everything is great.  heartbeat of babe is 150, which is perfect.  i live from appointment to appointment, waiting to hear that heartbeat again and being terrified that the midwife will not be able to find one.  did any other mamas out there deal with this fear? i know that God has everything in perfect control, but sometimes its hard to have peace.  i guess this is the beginning of a lifetime of worrying about my children...


two words-leg cramps. at all hours of the day and night.  they send me leaping out of bed in the middle of the night.  such a pain, literally.  drinking alot of water so im not dehydrated   maybe i need more potassium???  

look for a special post soon about the gender of the petite one.  

thanks christine :)


  1. you look so perrrty!

    also - it's expensive...but 6-8 oz of coconut water before bed instantly cured me of my nightly leg spasms and cramps (it's hydrating, loaded with magnesium and potassium that's instantly easily absorbed into your system!) worth the cost, especially on weeknights when I knew I'd really need the sleep. take care, you two!


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