first day

today is the first day of spring.

it is also my birthday.

i have always felt that it was perfectly perfect that i was born on the first day of spring because spring is my favorite season. don't get me wrong, i love summer but i get tired of the heat eventually   i never get tired of spring.

i went for a walk yesterday.

people throwing footballs.

trees trying their darnedest to blossom even though its in the thirties.

people running.

dogs being walked.

people saying hi to me even though they don't know me.

spring just brings out the friendly in people who have been sitting inside and being grumpy all winter (present company included).

the sunshine melts even the coldest of hearts.

have a great first day of spring people.


  1. And you enjoy your marvelous day Mrs. A!

  2. Yes, it really is perfectly perfect that your birthday is the first day of spring :) Love you!


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