big news

we have big news people

thats right, baby a will be a little lady.  it was incredible to see her on the ultrasound.  she was moving so much and putting her hands over her face like she was playing peek-a-boo with us.  r and i were both amazed to see her in there.  she yawned a big yawn at one point.  growing is hard work.

its crazy but i feel like i know our baby so much better now that i know she is a girl.  it means i can start dreaming about snuggling a sweet little lady this fall.  i am registering for girlie things like a maniac and we are just thrilled!  we can't wait to meet you little lady a.


  1. I knew I could trust your intuition! Lady A is a great name for now. Congratulations. Robert must be beside himself with joy at the thought of being wrapped around a little girlie finger. ;-)

  2. you guys are so fun..and so photogenic !


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