17 weeks

17 weeks, about four months, the size of an onion.  this week i am not as excited to bite into my baby veggie

im still sick more than i would like

went to the midwife on tuesday and got to hear heartbeat again.  this time robert was with me.  he has been putting a glass up to my belly and trying to hear the heartbeat, so i figured he should come with me and actually hear it this time.
recorded the heartbeat and sent it to the fam.  my dad is convinced the heart beat was to the cadence of "lets go duke, lets go duke".  we do start em early in this family.

really tired all the time

but get to find out gender in less than 3 weeks!  now that is exciting.

do you think its a boy or a girl?  im taking bets now.  i go back and forth depending on the day.


  1. let's. go. duke. thump. let's. go. duke. thump.

    love that shirt! it's one of my favorites from that day!

    ps, boy: future duke basketball prodigy.

  2. I was also thinking how cute the shirt is. It reminds me of how much fun we had that day, shopping and then hanging out with family and friends. Your Dad would equate that heart beat to the heart beat of DUKEness.


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