when we found out

when we found out about you it was a saturday morning, the first day of december in 2012.  your daddy and i had a race to run, a 5k.  it was really really cold out and the running did not go so well for me (you and me I guess).  but he had his very best race ever and won, even with a broken toe.  he finished first with a time of 17:17!  it must have been because he was so excited about meeting you.  

we told our whole family a few weeks later when we were home for Christmas.  i had made ornaments for everyone, and once i finished handing them out, i said "I made all these ornaments for you, but there is one more thing i made, and robert helped me with this one"  then i showed them your first picture, little tiny 6 week you.  pappa j got just a few tears in his eyes and paul gave me a paul sized hug, which, as you will discover, is very big indeed.  mama j just said "oh wow" and joined in with her tears. 

aunti-weese and unki addo are thrilled and gave you your first presents on christmas day -- some beautiful books and a stuffed elephant that is just waiting for a snuggle from you. 

for the whole time we were home in washington, we all dreamed and talked and were excited together.  it was wonderful to announce your birth when we were with the whole family celebrating our saviors' birth.  and even though i was sick all day every day, it is worth it because i get to have you!

i wanted to tell julie and brittany in person so i waited till i got to see them in seattle.  and when i told julie about you, she also told me about her new baby.  it was really exciting to find out that we are due three days apart; you on the 13th and baby w on the 16th.  you will love julie and jacob and avery and new baby as well.  emily is also pregnant with a little one who will join selah and libby before you come.  simone is getting a sibling from martha and megan is having her first. and of course kristina has a little love of a man in cohen, who will be your bud.  peter is ridiculous, be prepared. 

you will have lots of friends and aunties and uncles who love you.  

when i told grandmom, your great grandmom (and she is great) she got a little choked up.  you will love her. she also sent me butterscotch brownies in the mail because i convinced her that they would make me feel better.  you should learn now that you want anything and everything that grandmom bakes.  ah-maze-ing.

hope you are warm in there, its freezing out here...



  1. You are the cutest woman ever. Love you and your little baby!! Oh and Robert too :) Big hugs from Maine! xoxo


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