16 weeks

16 weeks means i now have a little avocado, which is appropriate because they are the one thing that i have craved consistently during my entire pregnancy. avo on toast, avo with honey, avo on chapatti, avo on chips, avo with eggs...lets be honest, avo on spoon.  so little avo baby, im happy to have you.

im still feeling really tired and having random bits of nausea but mostly feeling much better and able to be much more productive.  ive been running, up to almost 4 miles in my 10k training (which is SO much for me) and i really think its helping me stay feeling energized.

positives:  i finally have a bump that is looking more like a baby bump than an "i ate way to much for dinner" bump, which is nice.  i also could start feeling baby move any day now, which is so exciting.  sometimes i sit in my chair at work and just concentrate on feeling everything that is happening inside my belly.  usually its just gas or aches or hunger (cause i have not eaten in a full 45 min).  but soon it will be kicking!  it just baffles me that i will be able to feel baby and i wonder what in the world it will feel like.

negatives: not craving fruit or veggies AT ALL, which is a problem.  in fact, pears and apples kinda make me sick. its not so easy to eat healthy and only take in an extra 300 calories a day when you cant stomach the veggies and fruits and you are always hungry.

cravings:anything and everything i see on the way home from work.  this is the time of day i am most likely to give into cravings.  all i see the whole way home are places where i can get food.  waffle fries, smoothies, milkshakes, burritos....if i can make it home to my air popper and eat some popcorn, i have done well.  so then i reward myself with a few chocolate chips...less damage than a milkshake right???

i will have a prenatal on tuesday, so pray that everything is normal and perfect :)