15 weeks

observations at 15 weeks 

- baby is the size of an orange

- i do not feel attractive at all.  i feel like its the day after the holidays have ended and you ate too much for a month straight.  my belly is soft and just looks like chub and im not loving it.  i know pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but i am really not feeling beautiful.  its not glamorous  but its true.  thankfully i have great friends who have talked me through it and given me clothes to wear while im not quite pregnant-looking but too big to zip my pants comfortably...

- im still really really tired.  i thought that part was supposed to go away, but it has not.

- i want to hear the heartbeat all the time, not just once a month at my checkup.  i want to know you are ok baby. 

- i get to find out gender in less than 5 weeks, which is really really exciting.

- however much i hated doing laundry before...i detest it now.  just saying.

- im. always. hungry.  and its really hard to eat enough to stay full without adding too many extra calories a day.  its like a full time job just trying to figure out what to eat.

- i have always had to pee in the middle of the night, but it has usually been just once.  now i go about 75 times a night.  do not love it.

- things with robert are really wonderful.  however much you love your husband, the love just crazy multiplies when you realize he is the father of your child and he is excited.  its awesome.  he pats my belly and says good morning or goodnight to baby sometimes and it makes me fall in love with him all over again. 

thanks christine.