14 weeks

i am officially in my second trimester.  one third of the way there.  i am now passed the time when the most miscarriages happen, which is a huge relief.

baby is now the length of a lemon.  a lemon is much bigger than a lime, plum or peach. this is really happening.  its funny how each week i develop a genuine affection for the fruit of the week.  i was looking lovingly at the pile of lemons at trader's.

i am really finally feeling better. i have still had a few sick days, but they are surrounded by good days.  i am able to run again, which is great cause i'm training for a 10k in april and able to have enough energy to get through my weekly running schedule.
mexican food always sounds good, but other than that i am not having any really strong cravings. i am still extremely tired by 8 in the evening.

its becoming more and more real to me that this little lemon in me is my baby.  sometimes i wonder if i am really as ready for motherhood as i think i am.  i have felt, for a long time, that i was already a mother who just did not have any children yet.  i have has so much experience as a baby-sitter, nanny, and there are families in richmond with who we spend alot of time.

i have been around children alot.

and i have thought about parenting alot.

and i have observed really wonderful parenting alot.

but does that mean i will know what i am doing when i am the ultimate source of responsibility for a little life?  does that mean that i will know what in the world i am doing when its my own little one?

i am praying that God will equip robert and myself to not only know what to do, but to be purposeful in doing it so that our baby will grow up in the way of the lord and not depart. the weight of parenthood is beginning to settle on my shoulders.  im excited, and totally dependent on God so that i don't mess everything up.    

photo credit to christine 


  1. Your blog is amazing! And you may know that everything will be fine! And when he or she arrives you forget all the questions and you just do it. It is amazing how fast you know each cry of your baby! Be blessed, and enjoy your rest as much as you can!


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