13 weeks

this week marks the end of the first trimester.  i really think that i have left the throwing up behind, which is good because it is no longer welcome.

baby is now the size of a peach, which actually sounds really good to me right now. peaches make me think of summer, and summer is when i will meet my little peach.

thanks christine for the pics as usual.

cravings:still avocados, tortilla chips, bagels, smoothies.  finally able to eat red meat over the weekend, which was a bonus.

positives:spent a whole weekend with my family and mom took me maternity shopping with gail.  it was wonderful to get some clothes that will make me feel beautiful as i grow.  gail kept stuffing her poofy coat under my shirt to see if they clothes would really work for maternity.  it was alot of fun.  

negatives:  general unpleasantness i feel in my middle portion. lots of aches and pains, trying not to be afraid. also not able to go back to sleep very easily once i wake up at night, which is at least 3 times.

random: robert had a dream the other night and said to me "i dreamt our baby, and it was a girl".  so for whatever its worth, when r is asleep, we have a daughter...

at the end of this week i will say adieu to trimester one.