The Advent of Life

I love the season of Advent.  According to the dictionary, advent is "The arrival of a notable person, thing, or event."  For Christians, the Advent Season is the anticipation of the arrival of the most notable person, thing, and event.  It’s the arrival of Christ, salvation, reconciliation.

It’s the advent of true, eternal, and lasting life.

Of course we should celebrate and remember the gift of salvation every single day, but there is something about a purposeful time for us all to reflect on the exact same thing together.

The advent of life. 

And I have to say that most years, Christmas arrives and I have hardly spent a single moment really preparing my heart.  And those Christmases are robbed of their richness because I am not actually aware of the miracle of the advent of life.  Last year, I committed to a daily Advent reading, and it allowed me to really savor the season of Christ's birth, and be ready when Christmas came.

So, I encourage you this year to find a daily Advent reading.  I use one called the Jesse Tree, which you can get here. Desiring God also has a great one, which you can find here. Or maybe you already have one you like.  They don't have to take much time, but they can really help prepare your heart so that when Christmas arrives, you treasure it the way we, as believers, are meant to.

Merry Advent Season