Give Me A High Five!

Dear Friday, why did you take so long to get here?

Do you ever have one of those weeks that seems lasts forever, but was actually really short? I only worked three days this week, because of the hurricane, but these three days have lasted at least a week and a half.  Maybe its because I am so excited for this weekend.
But im getting ahead of myself...

On Fridays I like up with Lauren to remember five great things about the week.  So here, goes...


1.  I made Irish beef stew on Friday night.  This made Robert a happy husband. We watched a movie, ate warm stew, and cuddled in our warm apartment.  

2.  We spent Saturday walking around this beautiful park for hours.  It was a beautiful day, the trees were in their full fall glory.  And I loved the time with my man.

really cool tree at Maymont


3.  I got two days off from work.  I know that Sandy really did alot of damage to the North East, but Richmond hardly got anything.  However, the school systems never want to risk it, so we had Monday and Tuesday off.  I had been very ill on Sunday, so the extra two days to rest and recover were really a blessing.  

4. I had a really wonderful Thursday morning with Megan and Marla, my accountability partners.  We meet at a coffee place in Richmond and share our sins, evidences of God's grace, and the things that we are learning.  I really love you two ladies!!!

5.  I get off work at 3:30 today, and at 5:30 I will be on my way to Boston!  I get to see Kristina, who I have been friends with for TWENTY TWO YEARS and meet her new little love, Cohen.  I cannot wait to get there.  I also get to visit with one of my close friends from college, Becky.  We share the same heart, in alot of ways, and I can't wait to share my heart with her! 
kristina and me in Maine last year

becky and me in Boston earlier this year  

Look at your week friends!  Find the lovely moments.  And be glad.


  1. You and the hubz are such a cute couple and hey nothing wrong with a few days off (although sad it was for the reasons that it was for!)


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