The Continent

Christ is the first love of my life.

Robert is the second.  

But just underneath my Savior and my husband comes a continent.

The Continent  

Ever since I was in middle school I have been drawn to The Continent.  Some would say it was mysterious, but I have always known what it was.  I have always known God was calling me there.  I have always known that my heart was partly hidden on that continent. 

And I have always known that I would go find it. 

A few years ago I finally went, and lived and worked in East Africa for the better part of two and half years.  I spent most of that time in Rwanda.  I won't go into great detail but it suffices to say that I met my husband, gained a new family, made friends with phenomenal and inspirational people, put roots down into the dusty paths, and fell in love with bunches of kids who came in and out of my classrooms every day.  

Eventually I came back to America so my husband could pursue university.  
And I love my life here.  
God has been so good to us.

But part of my heart stayed in Rwanda.

I think part of my heart will always be in Rwanda.

God made my heart. And I am pretty sure He rigged it so that I would not feel complete away from Africa.  I think He does that with His children so we are able to discern where He wants us to go, and what He wants us to do.

Well folks, in eleven days, I will be reunited.  

For three whole weeks.

Its going to feel great to have my whole heart back again, even if it is just on loan during my time on The Continent.  


  1. So happy you two get to go: for you, for the students you're going with, and for the people you'll reunite with and meet for the first time while there. Godspeed.

    (Take photos, and post when you can! I remember following your blog while you were there, and noticing there were photos and mentions of this guy named Robert appearing with increasing regularity over time! So happy you're going back, for now, and later for longer no doubt.)

  2. Love this and so happy that you get to go!! I love the heart God made for you :) He is good!!! xoxoxo Becks

  3. Jon and I are so excited for you guys. We are praying for you and love you deeply. I know you have got one thousand and one things to do before you get there and while you are there, but they will get done :) I hope you are able to really focus on the Lord while you are there and enjoy being where your heart is "home".


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